Thursday, March 22, 2012

Children Soldiers

Their little eyes tell stories
Stories not even the darkest heart would know
They have seen things that we only imagine
They have seen pan and murder,
no happiness or joy
children that belong belong in school
are out killing and murdering
you cannot see anymore tears in their eyes
They have cried too long and run out of tears
They feel no fear for they have nothing to lose
They were stripped from their families
They have no one to love them
You look into their faces and start to cry
Their eyes shining like the light from the moon
You can see sadness in their eyes
So you start to cry, because you know there is nothing you can do

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Day I got lost

I remember the first time I went to Disney world.  I was about 4 years old and I really didn’t pay attention to my parents.  We had gotten there and my parents went to buy the tickets and they told me to sit down and not move.  The   first minute was boring and started I to walk around.  I saw colorful and wonderful things.  I got distracted and next thing I knew I had no clue where I was.  I was lost and I didn’t even know where I was.  I didn’t know which way to go there were many path’s to take.  I decided to stay where I was and wait for my parents.  I started to get get scared after a few minutes.  I looked every way to see if they were they were but I couldn’t find  them.  There were people everywhere but I didn’t see my parents anywhere.  Quickly, paniked and went out yelling everywhere.   Next thing I knew I felt someone touch my shoulder and started laughing.  It was my parents they had been near me the whole time and I hadn’t seen them till now.  That was a scary moment for me I actually thought that I was lost for a moment.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My blog post that explains my creativty the best is I ruined my life to help him because I had to think pf a plot fo r the story which was very creative.  The post that shows my growth as a writer is TTH project because I sart to use more puncutiation.  The post showing i'm a thinker is I ruined my life to help him because I used a story we were reading in class to create my story.  My top three posts were I ruined my life to help him, Hunger Games Research Project, and The TTH project.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I ruined my life to help him

On a sunny June day Caleb  walked  out of  school  with   his best friend  Xavier   .   Caleb  was  the tallest kid in the school he was 6ft two, dark skin,and shiny Green eyes.  Nobody in the school messed with him.  He was probably the most respected kid in  school.   Even if he was he never got into fights it’s not that he didn’t want to but it’s that everybody was scared of  him.   His friend Xavier was just a follower he just wanted to hang out with him cause everybody would like him.  

They were walking out of school laughing and smiling.  Then they heard there classmates laughing at something.  They turned to see what was so funny.  They saw a kid from the slow class, his name was Johnny. They immediately knew he was getting picked on.  Xavier started laughing at it but Caleb felt sympathy for him.  He quickly walked over and lifted him from the floor. Everybody who was in the group watching this started boo him but they quickly left.  Caleb ignored them and said goodbye to Johnny and left.  

The next day, was a complete disaster nobody would talk not even his best friend Xavier.  Some students even teased him no one wanted anything to do with him.  Then at about the middle of the day the day just got worse for him.  Johnny came up to him and started talking to him he tried to avoid getting seen but somebody saw him and rumors spread everybody thought that Caleb's new best friend was Johnny.  He kept hearing kid’s laugh and mock him.  He didn’t do anything because he knew it was not going to stop them.  After a few days of this he got tired and decided to do something about it.  What he did was he went up to Johnny and asked him to be his friend.  When everybody heard this they started to make fun of him more.  Caleb did not care though he had a good friend and didn’t care what other people had to say about it

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Story about me getting stuck in snow

  I remember when my dad, brother and I got stuck in the snow.  It was a few years ago it was a year that had been snowing a lot. My dad was driving but the snow just covered the whole street he couldn't see anything the street was white blank. Then we felt a bump and fell in a ditch. We didn't know how deep it was so we tried getting out of it. There was no success in that though.
  Luckily we had fell where a nice old lady lived as soon as she saw us she quickly went out to greet us.  She invited us inside and we quickly accepted.  When we were inside she gave us some hot chocolate that was so warm and good.  The old lady said  that there was no way to get our car out without a tow truck.  We tried to call one but the snow had knocked down the phone lines.
  Today was not our lucky day there was no way to communicate with anyone.  We had to walk for a few miles to get back home.  We got the car out with a tow truck but we learned to not drive when it snows.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TTH project

  The night of my death started like this,  It was a normal night but this night I heard someone chuckling outside of my door.  I moved and squirmed in my bed thinking to myself it was a creature outside.  What scared me more was that my room was pitch dark I could see nothing.  I felt like someone was at my door but I got back on my bed. 

 I heard another noise after a while and I got from my bed and yelled " who's there ".  I stayed up for an hour but heard nothing else.  After a while of being laid  down on my bed on my eye I saw a small, thin light pointing right toward it.  I began to get scared and more and more my heart kept beating faster and harder. 

  Then I heard a scream and out of nowhere I saw him the person who had been looking at me all night.  He ran as fast as he could towards me he threw me on the ground and quickly he threw my bed over my face.  Many minutes I fought and fought to get out of it but I couldn't I was to old and I had lost most of my strength because of my age. 
  There was nothing else to struggle for I knew that I was about to be dead "Do you want to know who it was that committed this treacherous deed"? Of course you won't to know who the man that did this was.Well yes I do know who did this to me but that is a secret that will not be revealed by me only by who did it.